Susan & Jeff Derrick

Our Story

Susan and Jeff have been investing in multi-family and commercial real estate for several years.  We are invested in numerous properties across the U.S.  Our next step is sponsorship of our own property.  Susan has a background in Finance and Jeff is a retired Contracts Manager. 

Our Investment Portfolio

Investing in Multifamily real estate projects is a feel-good business, often improving the communities for the families that choose to call these properties their homes.  Our portfolio spans the country, including Arkansas, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, and Texas.  We look forward to expanding our investments, sharing the rewards with tenants and investment partners.

Contact Us

Dragon Capital Corporation

Susan@DragonCapitalTexas.com or Jeff @DragonCapitalTexas.com

Susan Derrick (469) 734-6204 or Jeff Derrick (469) 600-0456